Envoy Mobile

Envoy Mobile brings the power and consistency of Envoy Proxy to the iOS and Android platforms, providing a ubiquitous API and abstraction for mobile application networking. Running Envoy on the phone, at the edge, and within the datacenter provides unparalleled networking functionality and observability to modern distributed applications.


Metrics, logging, distributed tracing, API grouping for aggregate observability of end-user application flows, traffic tapping/recording, and real-time debugging.


Cutting edge protocol support including QUIC/HTTP3, TLS 1.3, gRPC streaming, as well as Protobuf IDL driven annotations for advanced networking features including offline/deferred API calls, caching, low connectivity adaptation, and more.

Traffic management

Envoy’s industry leading traffic management features on mobile, including retry policies, circuit breaking, timeouts, as well as the full power of xDS dynamic routing, configuration, and policy management.