The following workflow should be followed to create and publish a new Envoy Mobile release.

Prepare for release

Before cutting the release, submit and merge a PR with the following changes:

  1. Bump the version in the VERSION file

  2. Provide a brief overview of the release in the version history documentation

Publish release and artifacts

After merging the above changes, a new release may be tagged.

Upon tagging the release, jobs automatically kick off on main which:

  • Creates a GitHub release, along with iOS & Android build artifacts

  • Publishes the release to Maven & CocoaPods

  • Publishes the most recent version of the Envoy Mobile docs

Pre-release versioning

Pre-releases are published on a weekly basis. The versioning scheme we use is X.Y.Z.{yyyymmdd}. For example: January 25, 2020:


On 2024-04-20 the GPG key used to sign releases will expire. To extend the key’s expiration date, follow these steps:

Import the key locally:

$ echo $GPG_KEY | base64 --decode > signing-key
$ gpg --passphrase $GPG_PASSPHRASE --batch --import signing-key
$ gpg --list-keys

Follow the instructions here on Dealing with Expired Keys to extend the key and sub key expiration dates.

Re-distribute the new public key:

$ gpg –keyserver –send-keys $KEY_ID

Export the public/private keys, store them in a safe place:

$ gpg -a --export $KEY_ID >
$ gpg -a --export-secret-keys $KEY_ID >

Update the GitHub Action GPG_KEY secret with the Base64 encoded value of the private key.

$ cat | base64