Custom Envoy

For some changes, it’s helpful to test with changes to the envoy module, either to add additional information or verify that an upstream change will work well for Envoy Mobile.

For local test runs, you can simply cd envoy and make changes. These changes will not be reflected when you create a draft pull request so can not be used to verify that the Envoy Mobile build bots will pass.

To test Envoy changes against CI, make those changes in your Envoy repo, push that branch to GitHub and change the .gitmodules file in the Envoy Mobile repo to point to your Envoy branch like so:

[submodule "envoy"]
  path = envoy
  url =[githubid]/envoy.git
  branch = [branch name]

You should then be able to test the changes locally with git submodule update --init as well as remotely.