Local Stats

The local-stats branch allows a developer to run a local statsd server, and see stats emissions from a client running in the simulator/emulator. Unless network tunneling is set up this is not going to work in a physical device, as the statsd server is running on the computer’s local network.


The config template has already been updated to use a local statsd server. However, if you are using Android to test, the static address used for the server should be changed to per the Set up Android Emulator networking docs.


  1. Build the desired dist target following the build docs here.

  2. Start statsd locally. You can do this by cloning statsd and running from within the root of the repo with:

    node stats.js config.js

An example config.js file. Note that the port must match the port in the config_template:

  port: 8125
, backends: [ "./backends/console" ]
, servers: [{server: "./servers/tcp", debug: true}]
, debug: true
  1. Run the example app.

  2. Stats should appear in the terminal window you are running statsd in.